Moonhaven Farm Acorn

Acorn was the sweetest tempered of all of my bucks--he inherited that from his father Cedar.  His dam was Hazel, and he had a lot of color in his background, and tended to throw a lot of red or brown kids.  He had long soft cashmere in the winter, and passed that trait on to his kids.  He was killed by a horse in 2009 also.

Beechkeld Cedar

Cedar was purchased in utero from Dr. Phil.  He is the sire of Acorn,  Poppy, and Chocolate Truffle.  He throws every color imaginable. He was sold to B's Barn in KY.  He has passed on to his kids, the long soft coat of winter cashmere that he grows! This shows you background on my goats.

Beechkeld Gus

   Gus was my first buck, purchased from Dr. Phil Sponenberg.  He is the sire of Sage, Parsley, and Patch.  He is now owned by Eddie Taylor, in Tennessee.


This information is to show you the background of some of my goats.


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MHV Onyx

Onyx is a Bayliss buck that had long fairly coarse hair and a very sweet temperament.  He was midsize for a myotonic buck.  I got him because I had so many requests for long-haired kids, and he came from a worm-resistant line of goats.  He was killed by meningeal deer worm in 2009.

Moonhaven Farm Jets

Jets is going to be smaller than most of my bucks, but is beautifully built and has a sweet temperament.  His sire is Danny Blue and his dam is MHV Midnight.  He will be used on all of my first time kidders, and has his first kids due from my milk crosses in 2008.  He was killed by a horse in 2009.

 Triple D's Danny Blue 

 Danny is a buck from Kentucky that I brought in to add  the color blue to my herd.  He has given me several nice doe kids that I kept from 2006.  He tends to throw mostly blue and white kids like himself.


    Diamond Jim is a cross of two of my best lines, and an improvement on both, I think.  His sire is Ace, and his dam is Parsley.  He is being bred to a lot of my girls for next year's kids.

He has the width and size that I am looking for, and and gotten that way with no grain and minimal wormings.

He was born in 2005 and is turning out to be quite the handsome fellow!


Jim was a cross of two of my best lines, and an improvement on both I think.  His sire was Ace and his dam was Parsley.

He sired a lot of kids for me.  He had the width and size that I am looking for, and got that way with no grain and minimal wormings.  He was killed by a horse in 2009.

Coyote Creek Ace

Ace was purchased from  Florida and is 22 months old in this picture.  He is nice and wide and worm resistant, with a coarser but thick coat.  I kept a so many of his daughters, that I sold him to a commercial goat breeder in Ohio, to add some mothering ability and worm resistance to his herd.