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Maremma Sheepdogs
 Father (Haven) and pups.
  I have 2 males left for sale, $600 each, with papers--they are already guarding with their parents, at 6 months.


    Pups at mid-November, 11 weeks old.  Parents are excellent guardians for my goats.
 In these pictures, all taken on the same day, the smallest weighed 25 lbs and the largest was 29.




              I have 3 nice yearling  bucks that I thought were good enough to keep as breeders.   They are being raised on

pasture or hay  and mineral,  and are current on shots.   I  have two registered Maremma Sheepdog puppies for sale  also. 

They are almost 7 months old and are currently guarding the goats with their parents.   They have had their shots

(except the rabies) and been wormed.   Their parents are on the premises and their Grandparents on the Sire's side were

 imported from Italy.   They weigh about 50-55 lbs right now.














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