We got our first Maremma Sheepdog in 2003,  when coyotes moved into our area.   Luna proved herself to be a great guardian, and we got a male in 2005.  Jedi  was turning out to be an excellent guardian when he got toxoplasmosis and died.     The vet had never seen toxoplasmosis in a dog and we didn't know what killed him until two weeks after he had died when the tests results came back.  We'd been so pleased with him that we got another of the same bloodline in 2007.   Haven has impressed us even more.   He is from imported parents and is larger than Luna with a somewhat curlier coat.   His skull is broader and his guarding instincts seemed to kick in at an earlier age.   We really enjoy our Maremmas, and they make raising the goats so much easier!   We currently have 4 pups for sale--check out our sale page for  more information.

       Another place you might like to check out is the website for the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America.   The address is      http://www.all-animals.com/maremma/    There is a lot of great information and beautiful pictures of Maremmas!



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              Luna and some of her pups